May 14

Child Survival: Christian’s Story

We met baby Christian in Indonesia, where he was severely malnourished and struggling to survive. Matt, one of our staff members, shared his travel journal from the visit. It was my last day on Sangihe Island, Indonesia, and I was only a few hours away from departing for the mainland when I received a call …

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May 12

Twili’s Story

East Africa is in the middle of a food crisis so massive that 20 million lives are at immediate risk. Twili is one of those. We met Twili and her children in the village where they live in Kenya, where she shared her story: “I was married; my husband was sick and passed away in 2006. He …

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Oct 16

World Food Day: Success Sprouts in Madagascar

Today is World Food Day and to celebrate, we want to share the success you’ve helped bring to hungry families around the world. The global message from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) for this year’s World Food Day is “Climate is Changing. Food and agriculture must too.” It’s clear that …

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Oct 14

Voices from Haiti

  Behind every disaster are the people, families, and communities who have been affected. Our emergency response team in Haiti are meeting some of these amazing people as they work, and we want to share a few of their stories with you. donate now Jesus-la, 21, Les Cayes Hurricane Matthew has taken Jesus-la’s home, her animals, and …

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Jun 07

Our Global Work with Refugees

Thank you for serving refugees around the world – this work couldn’t be done without you. Everywhere you see marked in red on this map is a place where you are making it possible for ADRA staff and volunteers to serve people who have been forcibly displaced by conflict and persecution. Helping refugee and internally …

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Oct 25

Nepal: 6 Months Later

Today marks 6 months since a devastating earthquake hit the beautiful country of Nepal in April. The quake and its strong aftershocks killed close to 10,000 and left hundreds of thousands without even the basics to start again. Your emergency donations helped provide shelter, food, access to medical care, and so much more. Thanks to all …

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Oct 24

Hurricane Patricia Makes Landfall and ADRA Responds

Hurricane Patricia made landfall on Mexico’s Pacific coast around 6.15pm local time Friday night, carrying winds of around 165 mph. The Category 5 hurricane is being reported as the most powerful hurricane ever recorded with winds peaking at 200 mph hours before landfall. ADRA’s emergency response is already planned, with the first focus to be a …

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Jul 15

Farewell from GC Session San Antonio

We don’t like goodbyes, so instead we’ll say “See you soon!” Thank you for visiting us at GC Session 2015. Four days after the close of GC Session, most of ADRA’s staff are back at our desks, facing the hustle and bustle of humanitarian work. Before we got too deep into our duties, we wanted …

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Jul 12

#ServeTheOne Series: Meet the Need

Jeff Tatarchuk   USA “Service means loving people unconditionally without expecting anything in return. My favorite way to serve is in the urban metropolitan areas. The hooder the better. Quote that.”  Marquis Johns USA “Service means coming out of your comfort zone in order to make someone else comfortable. You know, I’m a pastor and I love it …

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