Disaster & Famine Relief Offering

What does disaster & famine relief provide?

ADRA responds nearly every week, delivering life-saving relief to millions of people whose lives are shattered by disasters and emergencies. With the Disaster and Famine Relief Offering, ADRA sustains its mission of feeding the hungry, supplying clean water, offering shelter and medical aid, and meeting urgent needs in communities gripped by crisis.

ADRA is on the ground delivering compassionate aid to those afflicted by calamities worldwide, offering healing and hope amidst adversity. From the seismic upheavals in Japan and Syria-Türkiye, to the ravaging fires in Chile, the relentless fury of Hurricane Otis in Mexico, and the inundating floods in Brazil and Paraguay, to the devastating aftermaths of Cyclone Freddy in Mozambique and the recurrent food crises in the Horn of Africa, ADRA stands steadfast. Amidst the turbulence of Ukraine’s conflict and the enduring violence in Sudan, ADRA perseveres in its unwavering commitment to relieve suffering and foster resilience in communities across the globe.


Make a difference in someone’s life by donating to the Disaster and Famine Relief Offering. The donations will ensure ADRA is prepared for the next emergency and help fund life-changing projects serving underprivileged communities year-round.

Resources for Churches​

Get Involved

We invite you to be part of our work and extend compassion to those who need it most by including any of the included materials in your church program and bulletins.

Offering Call template (pdf) this could be read from the front as part of the offering call

PPT slide for DFRO Offering (ppt) this slide can be shared on your screens for those who want/prefer to donate online via their phones

Türkiye & Syria Restoration Efforts (link) short video you can share with your church about ADRA’s work with this emergency.

ADRA Thank you Video (link) short thank-you video you can share with your church


Donation Page ( ADRA.org/dfroif you’d like to offer the link to your church members

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