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Statement by ADRA President Michael Kruger on Gaza crisis:

The Adventist and Development Relief Agency (ADRA) continues to pray for peace and the protection of the millions of people impacted by the ongoing crisis in Gaza. Our hearts go out to those who have lost loved ones and are enduring unimaginable suffering.

In the face of immense complexity, the urgency of humanitarian aid remains unchanged. ADRA is actively collaborating with partners to deliver vital resources and sustenance to those in need, irrespective of age, gender, ethnicity, or religious and political affiliations. Our mission is deeply rooted in principles of justice, compassion, and love, compelling us to aid those facing dire circumstances.

Today, at this challenging time, we are presented with an opportunity to bring meaningful change to thousands of people, both young and old, in Gaza and nearby regions. Please stand with ADRA by supporting this life-saving mission. Together, we possess the capacity to alleviate the suffering in Gaza and other regions around the world facing devastating emergencies.

Your contributions will make a difference. Thank you for your unwavering compassion and swift response to those in need.

Our Work Across the World

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From Ukraine to Thailand, ADRA has various projects to help protect children from abuse and exploitation. Watch ADRA’s short film to see how our team helps children’s lives for the better. 

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World Refugee Day: ADRA Shines a Spotlight on the Plight of Refugee Children and the Power of Education

June 15th is World Refugee Sabbath. A Saturday set aside to open our hearts to refugees across the world; where we honor and celebrate their resilience while learning, praying, and acting to assist them in their need.



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We are a global humanitarian organization that delivers relief and development to individuals in more than 120 countries.

ADRA is changing the world through Health, Education, Livelihood, and Emergency response efforts.

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