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ADRA Angels Program

By being an ADRA Angel monthly donor, you are saying to your brothers and sisters across the miles:

“I see you. This is a horrible situation. But you can get through it. You are strong and resilient. Here’s some help to get back on your feet.”

Our Angels extend a helping hand where needed most: providing shelter for the displaced, food for the hungry, protection for the vulnerable, clean water for all, and more. 

Your monthly commitment changes lives and communities today…and for years to come.

Make Giving Easy

Your gifts are automatic every month from your credit or debit card, making your support quick and convenient.

Insider Stories

Receive exclusive, Angels-only updates on the people being helped by your generosity and behind-the-scenes features.

Tax Receipt

Each February, you’ll receive a tax receipt for your total giving in the previous year.

Donor Support

You can increase, decrease, or suspend your giving at any time by calling 1.800.424.ADRA (2372)

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