Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

10 %

The number of people who live on less than $2.15 per day.


Fraction of the world’s poor who are children and youth.

600 million

The estimated number of people who will be living in extreme poverty by the year 2030.

$28 trillion

The boost to the global annual GDP by 2025, if women played an identical role to men in labor markets (in USD).

Some of the biggest tools to fight poverty come from the simplest solutions—training, microloans, seeds, animals, and access to a marketplace. And the biggest solution to fighting poverty? Empowering women to enter a marketplace previously closed to them! 

ADRA empowers communities by promoting sustainable livelihoods, providing training and education, and supporting small business development. ADRA helps individuals break their family’s cycle of poverty by offering training and providing micro-loans, seeds, animals, and other solutions needed to provide dependable income, self-reliance, and even safety, to them and their children.

Did you know? 

Livelihood training is a key contributor to ending generational poverty. Here are some of the ways you’re helping remove the obstacles to fight poverty: 

  • Empowering local Savings and Loan groups in vulnerable communities 
  • Preparing communities to become climate resilient with better seeds, tools, and training 
  • Training farmers to improve their fields, crops, harvests, and profits 
  • Empowering women to become agricultural leaders in their communities 

1, 481, 478 lives

In 2022, your generosity impacted 1,481,478 lives and supported more than 211 livelihood projects around the world. 


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