Help Protect Children

Stop abuse and exploitation

About 1 billion children have experienced physical, sexual, and emotional violence or neglect in the last year. ADRA is working worldwide to help protect children from abuse and exploitation, from Thailand to Ukraine.

Join us in creating a world where children can have a safe, joy-filled childhood.  

Why Children Need Your Help

Human trafficking

Children are among the most vulnerable victims due to their dependence on adults for protection and support. Traffickers exploit unstable living situations and often offer false promises to a better life. 

Abusive homes

Abuse and violence often begin close to home by parents, caregivers, and other authority figures. Neglect of infants and children can also occur in schools and orphanages. 

Gang violence

Children who live in neighborhoods exposed to gang violence are limited to safe spaces. They face the risk of physical, emotional, and mental harm and trauma, hindering their development. 

War zones

When wars break out, innocent lives are forced to flee often with nowhere to go. Children are forced into high-stress situations, leaving their school behind, and exposed to the violence and suffering that comes with war. 

How ADRA is Helping

In Thailand, ADRA has a project called Keep Girls Safe (KGS) that works in collaboration with government agencies, local non-government organizations, and community groups to raise awareness and reduce the vulnerability of women and girls to sexual exploitation and human trafficking. The project provides education opportunities, a shelter for high-risk girls, plus youth clubs and community activities that provide awareness and knowledge raising of human trafficking issues.

Watch ADRA’s Short Film

This short film is inspired by the true story of Apinya and the girls from ADRA’s Keep Girls Safe project in Thailand.



Experience the power of storytelling. This documentary film follows the lives of five individuals: women who have survived trafficking, warfare, migration, homelessness, joblessness, and more. 

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