Farewell from GC Session San Antonio

We don’t like goodbyes, so instead we’ll say “See you soon!” Thank you for visiting us at GC Session 2015.

ADRA staff pose for a final group photo at the close of GC Session 2015.
Four days after the close of GC Session, most of ADRA’s staff are back at our desks, facing the hustle and bustle of humanitarian work. Before we got too deep into our duties, we wanted to thank you again for stopping by our booth to have a chat, to learn something new about ADRA, or to just let us take some selfies with you.

Meeting our supporters face-to-face and forming new connections is what helps keep us going. Your involvement is priceless!

We were so happy to meet Adventists from around the world, and were even blessed with visits from several people who have benefitted from ADRA’s programs throughout the years. All of the inspiring stories and memorable photos were the best souvenirs to bring home to share with the rest of the ADRA family.

Thanks again for spending time with us at GC Session and we hope to see you again at another event or just online. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to keep up with our stories and share your own.
– The ADRA Team

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