#ServeTheOne Series: Meet the Need

Jeff Tatarchuk 07-11-15

Jeff Tatarchuk  


“Service means loving people unconditionally without expecting anything in return. My favorite way to serve is in the urban metropolitan areas. The hooder the better. Quote that.” 

Marquis Jones 07-11-15

Marquis Johns


“Service means coming out of your comfort zone in order to make someone else comfortable. You know, I’m a pastor and I love it when I’m able to do something on my own. At home, I like to serve in the DC soup kitchen or just serve somewhere when I’m not required to be there. Oftentimes as pastors, we need to galvanize people and get them there. But I like to sneak off and go somewhere and serve people where nobody sees me and not even tell other people about it.”  

Shelby Delisser 07-11-15

Shelby Delisser 


Service is inspiring people. I’m an artist, I’m a graphic designer. I enjoy music and writing and in all of those things can be influential. If you take all of those things and make them positive, you can inspire people.

Raquel Omaña 07-11-15

Raquel Ramirez Omaña 


I like to serve when I go to hospitals. I like to help in what I can the sick, but also their families who are hurting. Just sometimes by being kind and talking to them, they cheer up a bit.

Diana Trinidad Gallegos 


My favorite way to serve is to be in music ministry at church. People aren’t always open to hearing about Jesus, but they might be more open to listen to music.

Rosa Maria Coutiño Balboa 

I like to help when I see that a person has a need around me—they need food, or have a health need for example. If it’s in my hands to give the person what they need. Service to me means to cover someone else’s need.

We’re here in San Antonio, Texas for the General Conference Session. All week we’re asking visitors what service means to them and we’re so inspired by the different ways people serve.

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