ADRA’s Response to the Ukrainian Crisis

The escalating conflict in Ukraine has quickly become a very serious humanitarian crisis.

It is reported that close 2 million people have already fled Ukraine in search of safety. That astounding number continues to grow by the day, and we are likely to see around 4 million refugees in neighboring countries over the coming weeks.

How ADRA is Responding 

ADRA’s entire network has mobilized our global resources in support of our local teams on the ground in Ukraine, its neighboring countries, and across Europe to serve those who have been displaced by the conflict.


ADRA staff report that conditions within Ukraine are even more dire than the rest of the world is seeing in the media. Their ongoing projects have been suspended as they now focus on emergency humanitarian assistance, even as they experience the same fear, uncertainty, and even regular bombing as those they serve.

In addition to those who are leaving the country as crisis refugees, early reports also project as many as 6 million people could become internally displaced persons (IDPs) within Ukraine.

ADRA’s Response in Ukraine

  • Providing cash assistance to IDPs and low-income households
  • Arranging safe transport to transit for vulnerable people 
  • Providing vital supplies to shelters and churches providing shelter

The team in Ukraine is providing crucial assistance during this crisis while they are also displaced themselves. Please continue to keep the team in your prayers.


The exodus of people from Ukraine has meant long queues at all border crossings. Poland has already welcomed more than 500,000 refugees, the most of any other country, but there are many, many more people waiting up to 60 hours before they can cross to safety in Poland.

ADRA’s Response in Poland

  • Welcome packages distributed at reception points at the border and on the railway, including hygiene items and other essentials
  • Coordinating with local churches to provide accommodation and support refugees
  • Developing a psychosocial support system for those facing mental health issues from their experiences


At least 110,000 refugees have entered Romania since the beginning of the Ukraine conflict. More than half will move on to other countries, but many will need longer-term accommodation while in the country.

ADRA’s Response in Romania

  • Established long-term welcome stations at five border locations
  • Providing food, hygiene, clothing, and other essential items
  • Coordinating both short and long-term accommodation options through Adventist health and youth facilities, as well as Romanian church community who have committed to hosting 2,500 refugees in their homes
  • Delivering cross-border support with regular humanitarian aid convoys into Ukraine 
  • Providing psychosocial support to those facing mental health effects from their experience


ADRA has seen more than 70,000 refugees make their way into Slovakia. Some will stay with people they know in-country and many more will continue through to other countries.

ADRA’s Response in Slovakia

  • Welcoming refugees on the border with essential items and coordinating with local church leaders to provide accommodation 
  • Providing mobile medical care with medical bus 
  • Developing transit centers to offer rest, nourishment, and psychosocial support


Close to 140,000 refugees have already arrived in Hungary where ADRA is working closely with the local Seventh-day Adventist community to prepare space for them.

ADRA’s Response in Hungary

  • Acting as contact point on the border to welcome and serve refugees as they arrive
  • Collecting material items in their warehouse for delivery to IDPs in Ukraine
  • Providing accommodation through 4 local church facilities and 110 host families

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