Ukraine: Justice, Compassion, and Love

Justice. Compassion. Love. These three words are at the heart of ADRA’s mission, and their importance is never more evident than our work right now with those affected by the conflict in Ukraine. Work for Justice Justice takes work. Sometimes it’s easier to connect with the concept of justice by approaching it through its opposite: […]

4 Things You Can Do During a Humanitarian Crisis

There is one question we get more than any other during an emergency: “What can I do?”  If this is the question on your mind when you see the needs of those affected by a crisis, we have four things you can do right now to help. 1. Donate   During any emergency, the number one […]

ADRA’s Response to the Ukrainian Crisis

The escalating conflict in Ukraine has quickly become a very serious humanitarian crisis. It is reported that close 2 million people have already fled Ukraine in search of safety. That astounding number continues to grow by the day, and we are likely to see around 4 million refugees in neighboring countries over the coming weeks. […]

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