Supporter Spotlight

Last Christmas, Maizey, Packy, Selah, and Sullivan Stroh made crafts for sale and invited the members of their church in Windsor, Colorado to shop at their little pop-up store.

The four children dedicated their crafts, and all the proceeds, to ADRA. The members of Elm Haven SDA were delighted by the handmade gifts, and equally delighted by the humanitarian spirit behind the project.

By the end of the day, the children had raised $706.

“I would like to thank the church members for supporting my children’s fundraiser,” said Jenna Stroh, the mother of the four children. “They were more than generous. I pray it will be a blessing.”

Not only is the money a blessing, but so is the story and the spirit behind it. ADRA is proud of our many generous supporters, from old to young all around the globe. And Jenna is proud to be part of a family who contributes.

“We love ADRA’s mission and pray it will be blessed in many ways,” she said.

ADRA is so grateful for the many schools, churches, and other groups who get together and give together! If your group is interested in fundraising for ADRA, give us a call on 1.800.424.ADRA (2372)