ADRA: Capturing an Emergency

During a disaster, we are all moved by images of the impact and by stories of the people affected by the devastation. Do you ever wonder who’s behind the camera or who’s writing those stories? Today, we’re introducing you to some of ADRA’s professional storytellers who make emergencies come to life. Meet Arjay Name: Arjay […]

Behind the Scenes: Serving ADRA Supporters During a Pandemic

ADRA’s Donor Relations team has seen their work turned upside down over the past year due to the COVID-19 emergency. With strict systems and complicated processes in place, working from home has required a lot more than just packing up and heading out for this dedicated team. Regardless ofcircumstances, materials still need to reach supporters, […]

Lokol’s Story: “The Flood Destroyed Everything”

A disaster doesn’t have to make headlines to devastate the lives in its path. Those living in poverty are hit harder and need urgent support. Meet Lokol. Lokol remembers how happy her husband was when the rains started. After three years of drought, this rain would help provide nourishment to their 200 goats and it […]

Supporter Spotlight

Last Christmas, Maizey, Packy, Selah, and Sullivan Stroh made crafts for sale and invited the members of their church in Windsor, Colorado to shop at their little pop-up store. The four children dedicated their crafts, and all the proceeds, to ADRA. The members of Elm Haven SDA were delighted by the handmade gifts, and equally […]

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