No Crib for a Bed: Qamar’s Story

At one month old, Qamar has nowhere to call home. Her parents, Mustafa and Hala, are refugees who fled Syria to escape growing violence and the threat of terror that surrounded them.

They left their home in Damascus two months before we met them. Hala gave birth to beautiful Qamar as they made their way far from home.

In Serbia, ADRA began a successful refugee center that provides critical resources to connect refugees with information and local services they need to travel safely and to stay in touch with those they love. This center, like other ADRA teams working with refugees in this crisis, also provides warm winter clothing and baby essentials.

As winter approached, Mustafa and Hala turned to ADRA for warm clothes for tiny little Qamar and themselves before they continued their journey to find a safe place to settle.

Hundreds of thousands of other refugees across Europe are facing the bitter cold with nothing more than what they wore on their backs when they left warmer climates weeks and months ago. ADRA is trying to reach as many as possible.

Your support is reaching refugees and others in need around the world. Thank you for your prayers and your contributions.

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