Manju’s Story

When Cyclone Fani tore through the village of Danapada in India, Manju knew her home and family wouldn’t be safe. She sent her children to stay with relatives and took shelter with her neighbors until she was able to return to her house.

When the family returned, there was nothing left to call home.

The cyclone destroyed their entire house, blowing away the roof and scattering their clothing, cooking utensils, and other personal belongings around the village.

Thanks to you, ADRA’s team in India were able to respond immediately. Your support provided emergency shelter supplies for thousands affected by Cyclone Fani, as well as household kits to replace items lost to the storm and hygiene kits to prevent the spread of disease.

“ADRA was the first NGO to come look after the people in my village,” she told us. “My family and I are so grateful for your presence and care towards this small village. Thank you very much.”

Thank you for being such a critical member of ADRA’s emergency response team! You can support more men, women, and children in crisis right now by making an urgent donation to our emergency fund.

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