Children on the Move

Vincent was only 3 when his father left their home in Ghana to start a new life for his family in Italy. His mother followed soon after. Vincent knew his parents were working hard to make a better future for them, and he was well cared for by an aunt, but Vincent still felt lonely. […]

India: ADRA’s Response to Cyclone Fani in the Village of Danapada

When Cyclone Fani tore through the village of Danapada in India, Manju knew her home and family wouldn’t be safe. She sent her children to stay with relatives and took shelter with her neighbors until she was able to return to her house. When the family returned, there was nothing left to call home. The […]

Madagascar: Emilienne’s Story

Before 2015, Emilienne was always frowning. The mother of four in Madagascar had good reason: her husband had left her, her children were hungry, and she could not afford any school fees.  “I used to be so worried all the time,” the single mother said. “When people would talk to me, I couldn’t even listen […]

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