In 2022, ADRA Yemen made a remarkable impact in the lives of millions across Yemen, reaching 2.4 million people in 12 governorates. Through their dedicated programs and initiatives, ADRA provided essential aid and support to vulnerable communities, bringing about positive and transformative changes.

ADRA Yemen focused on addressing urgent needs by providing vital food assistance, clean water, healthcare services, education support, and livelihood opportunities. By ensuring access to nutritious meals, improving water accessibility, delivering critical medical services, establishing schools, and empowering individuals with sustainable livelihoods, ADRA Yemen played a pivotal role in restoring hope and resilience in the face of adversity.

Families received nourishment, communities gained access to clean water sources, individuals received essential medical care, children were able to pursue education, and vulnerable populations were empowered to create better lives for themselves.

ADRA Yemen’s commitment to making a difference in Yemen exemplifies the power of compassion, dedication, and partnership. Their work is a testament to the indomitable spirit of humanity, demonstrating that even in the most challenging circumstances, positive change is possible.

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204,634 sq miles

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