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Historically, Colombia has been affected by the internal armed conflict, deep social inequalities, and more recently, by the Venezuelan diaspora, which has made the country the world’s leading recipient of migrants. ADRA has more than 30 years of humanitarian experience in Colombia, with a presence throughout the country by means of seventeen focal points.

Current strategic lines of action include Health, Emergencies and Disasters, Livelihoods, Education and Food Security. The organization’s trajectory and capacity in the country has allowed it to participate and lead some humanitarian coordination scenarios and join the United Nations Humanitarian Country Team.

Since 2018, ADRA has provided uninterrupted humanitarian response to migrant and host populations in the country, which has allowed it to consolidate to date, in sectors such as Health, 126,548 comprehensive medical services and in sectors such as Food Security, 25,208 meals prepared for population in transit or “caminantes” (walking migrants). Humanitarian services have also been provided uninterruptedly in Necoclí, Antioquia, since 2021, in the setting of the transcontinental migratory crisis suffered there, where thousands of migrants daily seek to cross the Darién jungle, an obligatory route to reach their end-destination: the United States. There, 2,283 people have benefited from cash transfers and 8,020 people have benefited from Protection services. In addition, ADRA Colombia has worked throughout the country with social intervention projects and programs based on the premises of Justice, Compassion and Love that have sought to dignify the lives of the most vulnerable populations in the country: children and adolescents, pregnant women, people with disabilities, communities affected by emergencies and/or disasters, and indigenous communities.

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Essentials to a Good Life

Every day, Rufo and his wife Fanny head out very early in the morning. The couple who recently migrated to Colombia from Venezuela collect materials for recycling and hauling in the city they now call home, which is how they earn money. It’s this little bit of money that the couple stretches to support the expenses of their family, which not only includes the couple’s two daughters, but also Fanny’s mother.

Migrants looking to secure dependable work always face challenges, but Rufo faces an additional layer of difficulty because he is also blind. Opportunities are always limited for those who are blind or have other disabilities. Most work environments, especially those available to migrants, do not offer jobs that are accessible for those with limited sight, hearing, or other disabilities.

Like many others in Venezuela, it became more and more challenging to provide a good life for their family in the country. As their situation steadily continued to worsen, they made the decision to migrate to Colombia.

A relative in Colombia told Rufo and Fanny that ADRA was providing help like medical attention and diapers for Venezuelan migrants. As soon as they could, they registered with ADRA and started receiving care. The family received medical care, medication, and vouchers that they could use to shop for essential hygiene items. Rufo and his family wish to settle permanently in Colombia and are grateful for the benefits they’ve received.

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