May 12

Mothers Around The World

By: Michael Rohm A mother is not just a noun. As a verb, to mother can mean many things: to love, to teach, to provide, to heal, to listen, to sacrifice, to inspire. The list goes on. Additionally, a mother is not just biological. In my travels with ADRA, I’ve met countless mothers—those who mother …

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Apr 01

A Woman’s World

A Woman’s World: Behind the Scenes With Sanjay Seated at the large oak desk centered in her expansive office, I couldn’t believe that Hermilia’s successful career as a lawyer was built entirely with the money she earned from a copy machine business just a few years ago. But here in the high plateau city of …

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Feb 13

Selling Stories

Selling Stories: Behind the Scenes with Sanjay Pim is not happy to see her father.  The 14-year-old nervously avoids eye contact and her small hands flit about like broken-winged birds.  She shifts her weight from one leg to the other, bites her lip, and blows at a strand of hair falling across her forehead.  It …

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