Manantenasoa – President of the water point committee, Bekily Mahasoa village
School Feeding Project in Ampanihy, southern Madagascar

‘Before, we had to walk up to five kilometers to find water. However, the water was dirty as it also served as a drinking trough for cows, sheep, and goats. Very often people from the village went to the hospital because of the diarrhea, especially the children. Now, thanks to the rehabilitation of our
water point by ADRA, we can enjoy the benefit of drinking safe water. It is easier to prepare meals for the school canteen because water is closer to the school. In addition, since this water point has been working, we can grow a vegetable garden that will allow us to increase food supplies for the
students. Here, we plant onions, chives, cabbage, tomatoes, and more. We can cook diversified food as ADRA taught us. We are saved! We’re really happy! We want to thank you for all that you have done for us, and especially for the children’.

Manaratsara – Niliandily Village, Ampanihy District
Beneficiary of ADRA’s School Feeding Project

We didn’t have drinking water. Usually, we fetched water on the banks of the river but it was dirty, it was muddy water. We were never in good health, and we often had diarrhea. The children were often sick and many times needed to be taken to the doctor. Now that ADRA has built this water point, our life will be changed for sure. We and our children will
be healthy.

Simone Vondraza – Betaimbala Centre Village – Ampanihy District, southern Madagascar

There is no drinking water in this village, we fetch water from this hole. It is extremely deep, and it is a real struggle to get some water from there. Yet, we are about fifty families living in this area. We suffer a lot.

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