Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes: The Empowering Women of ADRA

In honor of International Women’s Day on March 8, we want to introduce you to some of the women behind ADRA’s mission. We asked our team for their best advice about how to #BreakTheBias in their roles and work.

Elizabeth Tomenko

Elizabeth TomenkoName: Elizabeth Tomenko

Title: Emergency Response Program Manager

Describe your role with ADRA:

I provide support to ADRA offices around the world before, during, and after emergencies, and help connect them to the people, funding, training, and resources they need to effectively provide humanitarian aid to disaster-affected communities.

Elizabeth’s Advice:

Create your own opportunities and get all of the experience that you can. Volunteer, intern, travel, read broadly. Study negotiation and facilitation in addition to technical skills. Say yes to offers to speak or present. Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts! Step up to the role you want and apply to jobs even if you don’t meet 100% of the qualifications.

Emily Hirata

Emily HirataName: Emily Hirata 

Title: Technical Advisor for Health & Nutrition

Describe your role with ADRA:

I help design and implement health and nutrition programs in emergency/fragile contexts, ensuring they are technically sound, in line with recommended global standards, and include application of best practices and lessons learned.

Emily’s Advice:

I would say to always strive to go above and beyond what’s expected of you. At times, simply because of your age or gender, you won’t be regarded very highly and not much will be expected of you. Prove them wrong. Go the extra mile and do what you can to show that you are worth more than what they think. Eventually, you will be seen.

Se Ran Lee

Se Ran LeeName: Se Ran Lee 

Title: Graphic Designer

Describe your role with ADRA:

I’m a graphic designer, and I mostly make publications and web materials as well. Also, I do some management in our design studio.  

Se’s Advice:

Just listen to what your heart wants, not others. If you have your dream, don’t give up, just do it for your rights.

Leiza Augsburger

Leiza AugsburgerName: Leiza Augsburger 

Title: Project Manager, ADRA Switzerland

Describe your role with ADRA:

I am in charge of the ADRA Switzerland domestic program in the French part of Switzerland. I give support to our 19 French-speaking ADRA local groups.

Leiza’s Advice:

When I was Country Director for ADRA in Togo, a representative from another organization asked me during a work meeting “So, how are you holding up?” implying that as a young, single woman, it would be harder to “hold out” as the CEO of an organization like ADRA than it would be for him, a man with a lot of experience. Even some of my co-workers and church leaders seemed to forget that I was appointed to this position based on my experience and knowledge, that I wasn’t just a woman, but a qualified worker (sometimes more qualified than them). For them, being young, single, and female was a handicap. For me, these three things were strong assets!

I had goals to achieve and I didn’t have time to waste with what others thought. I know who I am and what I am worth. The results of my work show that and that is enough for me. If I feel discouraged, I remember that I am not in this position by chance, which if I am, it is because God thinks I am capable of it. When my mission is accomplished, He will take me elsewhere.

My advice to every woman is to set goals and know how to identify priorities. To surround yourself with people who know how to recognize your true worth and who push you forward. 

Bias will always exist, but I won’t let it define who I am.

Siri Bjerkan Karlsson

Siri Bjerkan KarlssonName: Siri Bejerkan Karlsson 

Title: Country Director, ADRA Sweden

Describe your role with ADRA:

Being a “spider in the net,” being involved in most things! We are not a big office and therefore most of us have multiple roles. I am not only leading the office but also working as Desk Officer for one of our biggest programs with 5 different countries.

Siri’s Advice:

When you are a leader, there will always be gender bias, even in the ADRA world. A woman many times looks at a job application that may have 10 criteria that need to be filled, if she has the qualifications for 8 of them she will doubt that she has a chance. If a man looks at the same application and knows that he has the qualifications for 4-5 of them, he is sure he has a big chance of getting the job. Many times women don’t understand how qualified they really are! We have extra dimensions that men don’t have. Research on some big companies have shown that there is a better working environment and more productivity in companies run by women. We need to believe more in ourselves and our qualities and abilities. We should not give up so easily and we should not tolerate advances or intimidation! I believe that our belief in God also helps us understand that we really are daughters of the King of the Universe – we do need to straighten our crown many times!

Deepa James

Deepa JamesName: Deepa James 

Title: Corporate Partnerships Programs Assistant

Describe your role with ADRA:

Manage the logistics of Gift- in-Kind donations from other Corporate donors to ADRA Offices and projects around the world.  Assist in developing partnerships and relationships with other NGOs and corporations willing to collaborate to more effectively pool resources for programmatic endeavors, including Emergency Responses.

Deepa’s Advice:

Many might say that Logistics is a heavily male dominated industry (truckers, warehouse managers, pilots, etc.) but most of the people I deal with are women – logistics coordinators, salespeople, customs agents & more. Especially on the Non Profit side. I think we have to remember there is room for everyone in any industry. I would say don’t think any industry is closed to you because of gender bias.  If you find something you love to do there are always channels in which you can make your way and if not make your own!

Helena Souders

Helena SoudersName: Helena Souders 

Title: Program Manager

Describe your role with ADRA:

I am responsible for ensuring that the programs assigned to me have the support needed for their success. Basically, I’m responsible for ensuring beneficiaries receive the highest quality, fairest, equitable humanitarian aid and for managing the relationship with USAID throughout the process. (this is very hard to do in just two sentences). 

Helena’s Advice:

It’s so important that young women and young girls challenge themselves to never stop learning; absorb knowledge and do it with confidence because women are a force to be reckoned with. And also, never be too proud to start off at the “bottom of the totem pole”; it’s the best place to learn from and prove your tenacity.

Rebecca Coleman

Rebecca ColemanName: Rebecca Coleman 

Title: Senior Annual Giving Specialist

Describe your role with ADRA:

I manage the monthly direct mail fundraising appeals. My tasks  also include copy writing, traveling for content gathering, managing, freelancers, and email fundraising.

Rebecca’s Advice:

Girls and women can do WHATEVER they want. Don’t let anyone tell you that because of your gender, you’re not able to be who you want to be. We need to move with confidence and take up space in every room that we are in. Remember that someone else’s bias is not a reflection of who you are as a person but instead it is a reflection of that other person’s worldview. Sadly, gender bias will exist no matter the field of work you may be in, so it’s important to build a personal network of like-minded women to lean on. These women can vouch for you, teach you, help you grow, and fight for you. I can’t stress enough just how much my female mentors, coworkers, and friends have supported me and guided me through my journey.  Women support women.

Hilda Madanat

Hilda MadanatName: Hilda Madanat 

Title: Senior Marketing Analyst 

Describe your role with ADRA:

Run analysis on the marketing efforts in any form of communication to constituents and leads.  Exporting data monthly for appeals based on giving behavior and categorizing it into packages to be mailed out, as well as other mailing projects as needed for the annual giving team. Coordinating with other team members on other systems used in our department and reporting on income every week and month to our VP. 

Hilda’s Advice:

Love what you do, take ownership of your career, create realistic goals, know what you’re good at, and strengthen your knowledge. Be confident and accept constructive criticism so you can use it to make you stronger.

Mayra del Villar-Malcolm

Mayra del Villar-MalcolmName: Mayra del Villar-Malcolm 

Title: Executive Assistant to VP for People & Culture | VP Marketing & Development

Describe your role with ADRA: 

I provide administrative support to top level executives.

Mayra’s Advice:

Put God First. 

Dream Big; the sky is your limit. 

There is greatness within you; you can be and do ANYTHING you put your mind to.

When you doubt yourself, you lose. 

Study; Be ready to meet your opportunity. 

Work hard; challenge yourself. 

Integrity; nothing is more valuable than this. 

Encourage and pave the way for other women of substance.

Dannali Harris

Dannali HarrisName: Dannali Harris 

Title: Jr. Internal Auditor

Describe your role with ADRA: 

It’s hard to describe my role in two sentences because I do so much.  I am the one responsible for keeping all the employees happy by paying them every two weeks, I also work with the GC and NAD to ensure that donations are recorded timely and all transactions between ADRA and those organizations are correct.  I also ensure that invoices are processed timely for payment.

Dannali’s Advice:

In the world of accounting and finance as a woman and especially a Black woman you will definitely face both conscious and unconscious biases, because I have faced more than my fair share. In the accounting world, some people see the woman as the one to pay the invoices, record the expenses, and not have the ability to make the Financial decision for the organization and our recommendations are often ignored. My advice would be not to let anyone tell you what you can or cannot do, your success depends on your hard work and determination and no else.  Never be afraid to stand up for what you know is right and never be afraid to challenge any status quo even if it means that you have to stand up to the president of the organization. 

Do it because if you don’t at the end of the day you will always regret and say “if I had known.”  My final advice would be treat everyone with respect no matter who they are and no matter how they treat you. There are times when you have to bite your tongue to keep the words from coming out, but just remember that when you let your light shine you are filling that dark void with the light of Jesus.

Aimee Tapeceria

Aimee TapeceriaName: Aimee Grace B. Tapeceria 

Title: PR & Marketing Officer, ADRA Philippines

Describe your role with ADRA: 

My job in ADRA is a combination of several roles – communications, social media and website manager, fund raising, donor management, sometimes church engagement, and the lead in CSR identification. I also write situation reports during emergency response in the Philippines and am part of the Regional ERT roster. 

Aimee’s Advice:

For the young women who want to do what I do, my message for you is: “Just do your best wherever God places you. Because then He’ll take you to places and positions that where you can be used to further His work. Personally, I am always left humbled and in awe because the God who held my hand and led me through all of life’s adventures, is also the same God who controls the universe. It is NEVER about me, but it is ALWAYS about how God can use me to make a difference wherever He places me. And He will do the same for you.”

Corinna Wagner

Corinna WagnerName: Corinna Wagner 

Title: Marketing & Finance Manager, ADRA Austria

Describe your role with ADRA: 

I am responsible for the overall Marketing & Fundraising of ADRA in Austria, and also Finances. Since we are a small team of 4 persons, daily work is very diverse and I am challenged to grow every day!

Corinna’s Advice: 

During my high-school years, I was fascinated by development work, but I had this bias that as a development worker you need to be an agricultural engineer or medical trained staff, which wasn’t “my thing”. Turned out, that as ADRA around the world we actually need staff and women with strong business and marketing competencies.  I started working with ADRA in 2000 as an Admin Assistant. At the age of 23, I did not feel comfortable moving abroad to a far-away country as a young, single woman (I got my share after getting married, an exciting experience). I more and more understood how crucial business and marketing skills are in the nonprofit world. This is valid for both fundraising/marketing, but also for our project work in the communities we assist. Analyzing and understanding the fast changing environment we live in is key to make good decisions. Also our project beneficiaries need livelihood options that are economically viable. This is why I decided to continue education and get a postgraduate degree in Strategic Marketing. Challenge the bias you have – God wants to use you and has a plan for you in each phase of your life.

Hery Henrisse

Hery HenrisseName: Fleur Henrisse Herinjanahary (Hery Henrisse) 

Title: Senior Program Finance Manager

Describe your role with ADRA: 

I provide day to day support to ADRA implementing field offices, with primary emphasis on implementation of U.S. federally-funded activities on financial management processes, financial compliance, and adherence to donor regulations and ADRA policies.

Hery’s Advice: 

For young girls or women, I would advise that “Nothing is impossible for a willing heart” or “Where there’s a will, there’s a way”. In other terms, even if you face challenges today, especially gender bias, do not worry, trust God and believe that He will give you wisdom to overcome it/them. Then, try your best and never give up! You will surely find ways to overcome it or at least, you will have strength to face it and it will surely be okay! Also, always learn and develop your skills. Knowledge acquired is always a capital/an asset that nobody can take from you. Finally, always fix your eyes on your objectives and follow your dream. One day, you will be surprised that all your efforts will pay off!

Lilyane Kandeke

Lilyana KandekeName: Lilyane Kandeke 

Title: Program Finance Manager

Describe your role with ADRA: 

I provide financial management backstopping to ADRA field offices implementing projects funded by the US government and private donors. 

Lilyane’s Advice:

No one can ever take your knowledge away. Immerse yourself in your chosen field and never stop learning. Surround yourself with friends and mentors who have shared values and goals. Do not let other people’s expectations define you; always work to exceed those expectations. It can sometimes seem unfair, but in my experience, doing so has resulted in additional responsibilities and professional growth.

Cassandra Hales

Cassandra HalesName: Cassandra Hales 

Title: ADRA Connections Coordinator

Describe your role with ADRA: 

I coordinate and lead hands-on international service trips so that people can experience what it is like to work alongside ADRA employees at our various field offices.

Cassandra’s Advice:

Remind yourself every day that you are strong and qualified! I can recall several times in which my role as a trip leader was overshadowed or challenged by others simply because I was a young woman in charge. When this happens, it is easy to wonder if you are the right person for the job…Don’t! Trust your abilities. There is a reason you were chosen by your organization and by God to do what you were called to do.

Jennifer Tyner

Jennifer TynerName: Jennifer Tyner

Title: Senior Director of Marketing and Supporter Engagement

Describe your role with ADRA: 

My role is to expand and deepen our partnerships with pastors, congregations, schools, and other organizations across the United States to work together to improve the lives of women, children, and families around the globe. 

Jennifer’s Advice:

Sisters—we need to use our collective voices. We need to stop the competitiveness and work together for change. Together, our voices have power. When we hear or witness something inappropriate, we’ve got to speak up. Silence is no different than tolerating bad behavior. Women, we need to join together on this. This is where we are failing ourselves.

I know this is not easy, and in many places, still very unwelcome. There have been times in my own career where I have been discounted, demeaned, and chastised for being “too confident,” “assertive,” and “emotional.” While my male colleagues were praised (even promoted) for similar performances, I stayed silent out of fear and insecurities—and I deeply regret it.

But if the conversations are going to change, we have to take ownership. Women’s silence happens at every level, in organizations of all sizes. The barriers and backlash we face are real. This is why we must support one another and find the courage to speak. Women make up 50 percent of the workforce. That’s a lot of power — but only if more of us make our voices heard.

Sonya Funna Evelyn

Sonya Funna EvelynName: Sonya Funna Evelyn

Title: Senior Director, Programs and Innovation

Describe your role with ADRA: 

I lead our technical, business development, monitoring, evaluation and learning teams who design and help support the implementation of projects. 

Sonya’s Advice:

On facing bias, hmm… I would say to remember that intelligence and ambition are not gendered. This work calls for compassion and a heart and mind centered on justice and equity. Be the change you want to see. And remember the many examples who have come before you, female change makers across the world who make an impact every single day.  

Mireille Ravoninjatovo

Mireille RavoninjatovoName: Mireille RAVONINJATOVO

Title:  Communications Director and Emergency Coordinator

Describe your role with ADRA: 

I lead the communication, marketing and fundraising department of ADRA Madagascar, and am specifically in charge of writing contents for ADRA’s website, social media accounts, communication materials including script for videos, success and human interest stories and different printed promotional materials. I also organize all public relation events and manage media relations.

As the Emergency Coordinator, I lead ADRA’s emergency responses and supervise the Emergency Response Team.

Mireille’s Advice:

Be yourself; believe in your strengths and abilities. Believe that you are special, you have assets that your male counterparts may don’t have; maybe your sense of aesthetic, your intuition, your empathy, your sense of detail, your courage. Build on these strengths and people will be confident that you can do it, that you deserve this position just like men.

Geert Hendriks

Name: Geert Hendriks 

Title: Country Director, ADRA Netherlands

Describe your role with ADRA:

Leading and managing the ADRA Netherlands office. 

Geert’s Advice:

The law says that men and women are equal and there should be no difference in whatever subject you can think of. God created men and women and no one is better or higher in position then the other. All that deviates is not from God nor from law so ignore it, fight for it and show that persons that feel girls and young women should be less are wrong.

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