Every Refugee

deserves a dignified life

Statement on Global Refugee crisis

“Every action matters in the lives of refugees and other displaced people struggling to survive in the absence of basic necessities such as food, shelter, and safety. We cannot turn a blind eye or remain silent in the face of their anguish. World Refugee Day serves as a reminder that we must all work together to end the difficulties and adversities that millions of refugees and host communities face,” says ADRA International President Michael Kruger. “As ADRA celebrates its 40th anniversary this year, our global organization remains devoted to providing life-saving humanitarian services to refugees and displaced persons, women, children, and families around the world. Let us mark World Refugee Day and World Refugee Sabbath with justice, compassion, and love to achieve a brighter future for all, regardless of where they come from or what they have endured, so that all may live as God intended.”

Our Work Across the World

World Refugee Sabbath

Each year the Adventist community comes together to mark World Refugee Day with a special Sabbath program and activities.

Syria and Türkiye Earthquake

Our teams on the ground are providing urgent essentials, and we are committed to serving the thousands during recovery.

Horn of Africa Hunger Crisis

ADRA is scaling up emergency operations to deliver food assistance and water to communities across the Horn of Africa.



Our Work

We are a global humanitarian organization that delivers relief and development to individuals in more than 107 countries.

ADRA is changing the world through Health, Education, Livelihood, and Emergency response efforts.

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