Flooding in Brazil Affects Thousands

ADRA Brazil is activating their emergency response mobile unit to reach families following flooding that affected around 9,000 people. The mobile unit will allow ADRA staff to reach those in need with meals, washing and drying of clothes, as well as psychosocial support as they recover from the emergency.

ADRA Response Continues in Aftermath of Fire in Philippines

Around 2,000 families were affected by a large fire in the Navotas fish port of Manila, which is a notoriously impoverished area. More than 1,000 homes were damaged or destroyed, leaving those affected living in shelters without the basic household items. ADRA Philippines is responding to provide kits for hundreds of these families. Each kit contains essentials […]

ADRA Indonesia Providing Shelter After Earthquake

Shelter kits will be distributed for more than 900 people who were displaced by the recent earthquake in Indonesia. ADRA Indonesia has conducted assessments and will be distributing the shelter kits to displaced households in Pidie Jaya district, where shelter is an immediate need. Each kit includes tarpaulins, ropes, poles, nails, and a hammer. The 6.5 […]

We Thank God: Marie’s Story from Haiti

Marie-Denise Dorvilier, 53 years old and a mother of nine, remembers Hurricane Matthew like a nightmare. “I heard the wind, and I went out of the house and started running. A metal wire strangled me and I fell to the ground. Despite all the metal sheets flying around, I rose up again and began running towards […]

ADRA Sending 2,850,000 Meals to Haiti

ADRA’s Hurricane Matthew Response in Haiti Continues with Major Delivery of Meals MIAMI, FLORIDA—Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) has partnered with Stop Hunger Now to deliver 2,851,200 meals to people in Haiti as part of their ongoing Hurricane Matthew disaster response. ADRA and Stop Hunger Now have joined with Airlink, a rapid-response relief organization that […]

Flooding in India Leads to ADRA Emergency Response

ADRA India is distributing non-food items (NFI) to households who have been hit by a flood emergency impacting Bihar state near the border with Nepal. Staff from ADRA India carried out needs assessments with local partners and is activating their response to target 200 of the most vulnerable households affected by the flood waters. The NFI […]

3,000 Sheltering at Adventist Compound and Receiving Care from ADRA

ADRA is providing emergency response to 3,000 people taking shelter at the Seventh-day Adventist Church compound in Juba, South Sudan. The number of internally displaced persons (IDPs) taking refuge at the compound doubled from the original 1,500 people and grows to around 5,000 at night. An existing clinic on the compound has been providing healthcare to […]

ADRA Responds to Flooding in Uruguay

Hygiene and disinfecting kits distributed to those affected by flooding in Uruguay. Around the same time that a tornado was causing extensive damage in the country, extensive flooding was also being reported in Uruguay. Rivers and streams rose significantly, leading to the urgent evacuation of close to 3,000 people. Another 7,700 chose to evacuate themselves […]

Shelter Supplies for Households Affected by Tornado in Uruguay

Households hit by April’s tornado in Uruguay have access to shelter supplies thanks to ADRA Uruguay On April 15, a strong tornado hit the city of Dolores in Uruguay and caused serious damage, particularly in the downtown area. The most affected neighborhoods were Altos de Dolores, Santa Marta, Italia Chica, and Florencio. In response to […]

Cyclone Ruano Brings Flooding to Bangladesh

ADRA Bangladesh is responding to flooding caused by Cyclone Ruano. Cyclone Ruano swept onto the Bangladesh coastline on May 21, bringing with it flash floods and heavy damage. In some areas, flood protection embankments are broken, allowing seawater to flood homes and crops that were ready to harvest. At this time, estimates for the loss or […]