EMERGENCY: Millions Starving in World’s Largest Food Crisis

Your urgent help is needed now! 20 million people in East Africa are starving in the largest food emergency in the world.

Famine has already set in within South Sudan, and families in Somalia, Yemen, Nigeria, and Kenya are struggling to find food every day. This level of hunger in so many countries is unprecedented.

And the situation is getting worse.

“I have nothing to feed my family,” Gedie, a single mother of 8 children in Kenya, told us. Sitting inside her grass hut, she describes the urgency of her situation. Ongoing drought caused gardens to wither and livestock to die.

“At times we have to skip meals as there is nothing to cook. My family had to sell two goats at a throwaway price in order to buy food.” The food that ADRA has provided to families like Gedie’s has been live-saving. “This food will supplement the little we have and my family may not skip meals for the rest of the month.”

Together, we can do more. Please give today.

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