Samira’s Story

Samira and her grandson arrived in Bangladesh from the Rakhine state in Myanmar. Her four daughters were killed by militants with machetes, leaving her to flee with the young baby to save both of their lives.

They are two of the more than 436,000 Rohingya who have fled to Bangladesh in just over a month. More than half are children, many of whom have faced trauma unlike anything we can imagine.

These refugees now reside in camps, some of which were built more than 30 years ago and some of which have been brought together spontaneously in response to this crisis. There are not enough supplies in these camps to match the overwhelming need of these refugees. Samira cried when she told our team that she does not have enough food for her grandson.

ADRA is on the ground in Bangladesh, responding to the needs of these refugees. We are working to distribute food to more than 7,000 refugee households that will last them for 3 months. We will also be supplying other vital resources for shelter.

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