Nomvula’s Story

Nomvula dreams of becoming a teacher. But an empty stomach threatens to squash her dreams—we all know how hard it is to concentrate when you’re hungry. 

Nomvula’s mother died when she was just 2, and she now lives with her grandmother and five of her cousins in a tiny one-bedroom, mud-brick home. Every one of the children is an orphan, and every one of them has known nothing but a life of hunger.  

Nomvula’s grandmother has worked so hard to provide for her grandkids—but there is little she can do. They eat just one small meal a day. The drought has created a perfect, deadly storm. 

At 5 in the morning, Nomvula’s day starts. She completes chores around the tiny house under the dark sky before walking a mile each way to collect water. 

By 6:30, Nomvula is on her way to school, walking a mile and a half before classes start at 7. 

Her morning continues without anything to eat, but she devotes herself to her studies. It gives her purpose, but it also distracts her from the grumbling in her belly.  

Nomvula and her grandmother have tried to grow corn, but with no rain the harvest was very small. What they harvested lasted them only two months—and that’s just if they ate it at supper. 

With so many mouths to feed, what food they do manage to grow or gather has to be stretched. Nomvula explained to me how they measure their desperation by the runniness of their corn porridge—the thinner it is, the worse their conditions. 

The drought in Swaziland has raged for years—and no one knows when it will end. When asked how long it has been since they had a nice, thick porridge Nomvula just shook her head. 

Right now, you can help to ensure that Nomvula and other children like her have access to enough food to survive. Your support is vital—and with the power of our Food Match Appeal, your gifts will go even further!

Thank you for prayerfully considering how you can best use your blessings to provide the food children like Nomvula need to survive.