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Love Doesn’t Feed Her Children

Leticia loves her children.

But as hard as she works, they are always hungry.

The hunger that Leticia’s children are experiencing is the kind of hunger that not only saps your energy but takes away your future.

Without support, she fears her children could become victims of the poverty they were born into.

Leticia is a hard-working single mom. She adores her two young children and cares deeply for her two elderly parents who share her home.

But her love doesn’t feed them.

And, in the dry corridor of Honduras, neither does her garden. There is rarely enough rain to grow productive crops.

So Leticia also works as a waitress in a nearby eatery, bringing home just $40 a week.

Can you imagine? Smiling politely as you serve food, knowing that when you return home, they’ll be no food on your own table.

“My kids never have enough to eat,” Leticia says. When a mother says something like that you know she is eating even less than what she is able to feed her little ones.

Every week, she must decide which bill she won’t pay so her family can eat more than once a day, or which meal she can stretch with a little extra rice or flour.

There is never enough.

With such poor nutrition, it is no surprise that her children are often sick. But they never go to the local clinic because Leticia doesn’t have extra money to pay.

One day, her precious children will desperately need medical attention, and Leticia’s care won’t be enough. What happens then?

Even as she works through difficult circumstances, this resilient mother feels blessed.

Leticia received food from ADRA volunteers in Honduras, and the ADRA team there also taught her about meals she can prepare with the little she has that will maximize the nutritious benefits for her children.

“The food rations are the best thing that happened to me,” she smiles. “Secondly to that, the knowledge that I have. Now, I don’t worry about my children and their hunger.”

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