3 Ways ADRA Fed Families in 2020

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2020 has been a difficult year for so many people. Families all over the world have been brought to their knees, praying for their next meal. Thanks to our generous ADRA donors (that’s you!), we have been able to reach thousands of families who are suffering from hunger and need food.You may be wondering, ‘how has ADRA helped feed hungry families?’ Here are 3 ways ADRA has fed families in 2020.

1. 6,288,064 People Fed and Counting During Our COVID-19 Response

Before the Covid-19 pandemic struck, 130 million families were food insecure. By the end of the year, that number is estimated to double. That’s 260 million people, including children of all ages, around the world who may not know where their next meal is coming from. 

To this date, ADRA has fed 6,288,064 people globally with the support from our donors. What does this look like? It looks like grocery vouchers for the elderly in Albania, food parcels to hungry families in Kenya, grocery deliveries for communities in the Favelas in Brazil, and supporting food pantries in the United States.  

Our COVID-19 response is not over. ADRA’s commitment to long-term, sustainable humanitarian aid is stronger than ever, and we will continue to respond in the most high-risk communities where the need is greatest.

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2. Microtunnel Greenhouses in El Salvador

Addressing food insecurity is more than just handing out food to the hungry—it’s providing communities with long-term food production solutions and young people with income opportunities.

Our Microtunnel greenhouses in El Salvador are one of the ways we at ADRA are fighting to feed hungry families. The agriculture rooted solution deeply impacts communities in many meaningful ways. These greenhouses not only provide food and nutrition in times of drought, they also provide much-needed jobs in rural communities where young people might otherwise become vulnerable targets to gangs for income to survive. 

“This whole project is an attempt to motivate the young generation to be farmers, but with a successful business model,” Juan Pablo, director of ADRA in El Salvador, said. “The Microtunnel project is a way to provide another option. It is a fountain of employment, income, and entrepreneurship. [It] is a way to continue their dreams.”

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3. Food in times of Emergency

When your house is shattered by an explosion, as was the case for thousands of families on August 4 this year in Beirut, or when your village is flooded due to storms, as we’ve seen across the world, or your family are evacuees escaping a wildfire, food becomes a primary concern for survival.

This year more than ever, the urgency to provide food to families in times of emergency has escalated because it’s an emergency layered on top of an ongoing pandemic and other pre-existing difficulties. 

Twenty-four hours after the explosion struck Beirut, our emergency response team was delivering emergency supplies, including food and water to those affected. You can watch a video of a plane arriving in Beirut on our Facebook page. Our team members smiled as they unloaded the essential supplies which would help hundreds of families. 

This month, our team once again responded when a series of storms swept across different parts of the world including, Southeast Asia, Central America, and North America, leaving millions evacuated and without homes. Our teams stepped in with seeds for crop replacement, emergency food supplies, and other essential supplies to help and serve those affected.  

When wildfires burned across Northern California in the United States this year, we partnered with local efforts in Napa Valley to support their ongoing response and ensure 5,000 were fed during a drive-thru event.

ADRA is on the ground, all over the world, fighting hunger. But we can’t fight without you. Your compassion and generosity are the reason why together, we can continue to help feed hungry families immediately after a disaster and provide long-term sustainable solutions through our food projects. Every dollar you give during our Giving Tuesday campaign is TRIPLED to help feed even more families. Right now is your chance to help fight hunger and save lives–will you join us? 

To learn more about our Giving Tuesday campaign, visit ADRA.org/GivingTuesday.

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