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3 Reasons to Love the Gift of Love

We always love to hear from supporters about their favorite gifts from ADRA’s gift catalog.

Some like to give animals on behalf of those they love, some give as a family to protect those who don’t have a family of their own, and some join together as a class or a church to give big, like a source of water for an entire community.

We are so grateful for every gift and the giving spirit behind each one!

Our favorite gift is our Love Gift. If you’re not already familiar with the Love Gift, it’s the perfect option if you can’t decide which gift to choose or if you want to ensure that your gift supports the most urgent needs.

We’re already head over heels for our Love Gift, so we thought we should share a few reasons why you should fall in love with it too.

  1. There Are No Conditions

Instead of supporting a specific project or sector, ADRA’s Love Gift is unrestricted giving. This means that your gift will go where it’s needed most.

We know it may not seem as fun to choose a gift that’s not tied to something specific, but we call it the Love Gift for good reason! We think of it as unconditional love because the Love Gift puts someone else’s needs first and supports them when they need it most.

This gift gives ADRA the ability to respond immediately to urgent needs and to remain flexible as those needs change. Your Love Gift can provide shelter to a family in a disaster, access to essential medical care, food for those in a hunger crisis, or any other urgent need that arises.

  1. It’s Exactly What Your Neighbor Needs

“Love your neighbor as yourself” we are told in Mark 12:31 (NIV), but even those who aren’t familiar with the Bible are familiar with the concept of neighborly love. Words like these can lose their meaning to us after we’ve heard them for a lifetime and the idea is seen as a cliche.

But wow, what a huge, amazing, wonderful call for us to follow! And no matter how people feel about the words, your neighbor needs your love. And not just the ones close by; your love is needed in every corner of the world.

But wait, if you live in a neighborhood, think about those who live around you. Are they all the same? Do they all have the same needs? Of course not. It’s no different for your neighbors in Nepal, Honduras, Somalia, or Kyrgyzstan. Every person we serve has unique needs, every family has unique circumstances, and every community has a unique culture, a unique climate, and unique resources.

Your Love Gift can train midwives for women in Nepal, plant gardens for families in Honduras, provide water to a community in Somalia, support the elderly with food in Kyrgyzstan, and so, so, so much more.

This is a gift that is as unique as your neighbor!

  1. It Can’t Fail

In 1 Corinthians 13, the Bible gives us a powerful lesson in love. Most of us may be able to quote “Love is patient, love is kind” (NIV) and other commonly used lines by heart, but the words about love are no less beautiful as we make our way through the chapter.

When we reach verse 8, the opening includes three little words that make a sweeping and stunning claim: “Love never fails.”

In other versions, it’s translated as “love never ends” (ESV) or “love will last forever” (NLT), but every version is simple and clear. Any other gift we are blessed to receive, or that are shared with others, will pass away, but God’s example of love is a love that never fails, never ends, and will last forever.

This is exactly the kind of love that we all strive to follow and show to others. And this is the kind of love that you are sharing directly with those who need it most through ADRA’s Love Gift.

Learn more about what you make possible by giving through ADRA’s Love Gift.

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