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It's heartbreaking to witness the destruction in Syria and Turkiye, but ADRA feels blessed to be able to serve those who have been affected by this tragedy. Our team began distributing urgent aid in Syria on the first day, and our emergency response unit members are in place to meet the needs in Turkiye as well. We know that the full extent of the earthquake's devastation is still being revealed day by day, but ADRA's commitment is long-term and is backed up by the strength of our global network. We are also praying for every person, every family, and every community affected by this earthquake, and we ask that others join us in these prayers as the coming weeks and months will be extremely difficult.

Earthquake Strikes

On Monday, February 6 at 4:17 am local time, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Türkiye and Syria, including a 7.5 magnitude earthquake that struck Türkiye and countless aftershocks.

The earthquake has been reported as one of the deadliest in two decades. 

Our Response

ADRA is providing various services to assist survivors including food, water, shelter, blankets, and other winterization items. 

ADRA is also working to repair water networks to provide access to water for thousands of people in hard-hit areas. 

How to Help

Video updates from the field

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News Updates


Our ADRA office in Syria has been assisting refugee families, women, and children for several years. ADRA remains committed to assisting vulnerable communities and families in rebuilding their lives in the aftermath of this disaster. 

ADRA has a head office in Syria located in Damascus, with sub-offices in Homs and Aleppo. ADRA established operations in the country in 2013 to address the urgent needs of the Syrian people. 

ADRA does not accept clothing, food, or supplies because it is too difficult to transport materials and food to crisis areas.  The best way to help support victims is by contributing to ADRA’s global humanitarian mission. 

Did you  know?
Did you know?

Your generosity is greatly appreciated. We will make the most effective use of your donations. 90% of all contributions to ADRA’s emergency relief efforts go directly to disaster victims. Additional charitable donations will be directed to areas of greatest need to support more vulnerable communities through ADRA relief and development programs if funding requirements are met. 

Resources for Churches

Here are some resources available about ADRA’s response to the earthquake in Türkiye and Syria to share with your church. 

If you have any questions or need anything else, please let us know at

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