Children Make a Significant Donation to Help Displaced Families in Ukraine

Last May, students and teachers at Rogers Adventist Elementary School in College Place, Washington, with a student body of 294, conducted a fundraiser to benefit both Ukrainian refugees and the Red Cross. They submitted a check for $10,425 to the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA), with the note, “Thank you, ADRA, for everything you do to make our world a better place!”

 “Our students have been anxious to help with the growing needs of people,” says, Holly Bryant, school principal. “We wanted to give them ownership of rallying together as a community. Our teachers met and planned a mishmash of different activities.”

One teacher planned a “Pennies for Peace” activity where every grade pod competed to see who could collect in the most POINTS by bringing pennies or dollars. Jars were available at the front desk for the week prior to the main fundraiser. Pennies or dollars ADDED points to their jar. Nickels, dimes or quarters REMOVED points from their competitors’ jars.

A car wash, bake sale, pizza and root beer floats, gym games, arts and crafts, and music performance were among the other festivities. The different booths alone raised $3,762, but the greatest fundraiser was a Teddy Bear Sale, which generated $983.50! A generous person had donated a large private collection of Teddy Bears.

The event attracted community members from all walks of life. Many people were touched by the student’s efforts to help the people in Ukraine.

“We are grateful to the children, parents, faculty, and staff of Rogers Elementary School for their unwavering support for the people of Ukraine,” says Jennifer Tyner, head of marketing and development for ADRA International. “Your contributions will address the urgent needs of the most vulnerable children and families. ADRA continues to provide shelter, food, water, lifesaving supplies, cash vouchers, and transportation to displaced families inside Ukraine and to refugee moms and youth that have fled the conflict. Thank you for your donations and prayers. You truly are the hands and hugs of Jesus.”

“Our Vision for Rogers Elementary,” says Bryant, “is that each child will be well-equipped with the knowledge and abilities to “do the right thing” and the relationship skills to ‘do the kind thing.’

ADRA is thankful to all the schools, churches, and other organizations who work together to support ADRA’s global relief efforts! If your organization is interested in fundraising for ADRA, please contact us at 1.800.424. ADRA (2372).

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