Emergency Food Assistance for Returnees in Colombia

ADRA is distributing food kits to more 1,700 Colombian families who have been deported from Venezuela back to Colombia after Venezuela closed the border in August of this year. Each food kit is enough to sustain a family of five for two weeks, and includes staples such as rice, beans, corn flour, vegetable oil, sugar, […]

European Refugee Crisis: Macedonia

Macedonia is one of of the most impacted countries involved in the current refugee crisis in Europe. As many as 6,000 people per day are crossing into the country, most on their way to other Serbia and other destinations, but bringing with them great needs. ADRA Macedonia is now in action, distributing food packages and hygiene kits for […]

ADRA Commits to Sustainable Development Goals [Statement]

ADRA Press Release

ADRA Remains Committed to the Sustainable Development Goals As the United Nations gathers this week to launch the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for the next 15 years, the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) affirms its commitment to our partnership with the United Nations and the new Global Goals for 2030. The momentum we have […]

ADRA Peru Celebrates 50 Years

Peruvian Congress Recognizes ADRA Peru’s 50 Years of Service LIMA, Peru—Last week, Peru’s Congress recognized ADRA Peru for 50 years of humanitarian service to the country. ADRA Peru marked half a decade of work with a full day of celebrations. The ceremonies included distributing 50 wheelchairs to children in need at Plaza José Faustino del […]

ADRA Joins UN in Global Goals

ADRA Press Release

ADRA Joins United Nations in Sustainable Development Goals ADRA is preparing to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals around the world when they launch later this month. The Global Goals, as they are being called, expand and follow up on the Millennium Development Goals, which were established in 2000 and expire at the end […]

Rain Brings Deadly Floods to Niger

The annual rainy season in Niger has turned deadly with flooding that has taken 22 lives and affected an estimated 52,000 people across eight regions. Agricultural lands have been destroyed, leaving families without the food and income that crops usually provide. Most are receiving little or no support from the government. ADRA’s response begins this […]

Crisis: Refugees in Europe

The escalating refugee crisis in Europe is seeing hundreds of thousands of people fleeing violence in war-torn Syria and other countries. Travel for these refugees is treacherous, conditions are desperate, and cold weather is fast approaching. Refugees need urgent assistance. Help ADRA respond. Throughout Europe, you can help us reach refugees at every step – in their […]

Refugee Crisis in Europe Continues

Refugee Crisis in Europe Continues, ADRA Opens Refugee Center in Belgrade BELGRADE, Serbia— As tens of thousands of refugees continue to flee to Europe, ADRA is working overtime in Serbia to ensure that vulnerable families are cared for in this time of crisis. Last week, ADRA and its partners (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, […]