Crisis: Refugees in Europe

The escalating refugee crisis in Europe is seeing hundreds of thousands of people fleeing violence in war-torn Syria and other countries. Travel for these refugees is treacherous, conditions are desperate, and cold weather is fast approaching.

Refugees need urgent assistance. Help ADRA respond through our emergency fund.

Throughout Europe, you can help us reach refugees at every step – in their home countries, along travel routes, and in cities where they are passing through or settling down.
Some highlights:

  • Monitoring refugees to focus on the most vulnerable
  • Information Center opened in Belgrade city center
  • Center offiers support with transport info, translations, information on refugee rights and avoiding traffickers
  • Connect refugees with local service, medical assistance, and critical psychosocial support
  • Free Wi-Fi so families can stay in touch with those who stayed behind or friends and family at their destination
  • Distribution of clothes, shoes, and cold-weather necessities


  • Filled a plane with collected material donations, delivered to refugees in Lesbos, Greece
  • Flights costs donated by Slovenia airline, Adria
  • Airports waived fees in Slovenia and Greece
  • 12.5 tons of materials donated by locals within hours
  • Excess materials delivered to Serbia center via train (all fees waived again)


  • Increase in refugee involvement in social programs for disadvantaged
  • Added language courses for refugees
  • Programs with local churches helping with refugee integration

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