European Refugee Crisis: Macedonia

Macedonia is one of of the most impacted countries involved in the current refugee crisis in Europe. As many as 6,000 people per day are crossing into the country, most on their way to other Serbia and other destinations, but bringing with them great needs.

ADRA Macedonia is now in action, distributing food packages and hygiene kits for the thousands of families on the move. Their focus is starting on the Gevgelija and Tebanovce regions in the country.

Each package of food includes packs of ready meals, polenta, oatmeal, cereal, noodles and sauce, peanut butter, instant soups, seeds, nuts, dried fruit, and other non-perishable foods that would sustain families during travel.

Hygiene kits include soap, shampoo, toothbrushes and toothpaste, toilet paper, feminine hygiene products, and more basics that provide personal comfort and help refugees stay healthy and clean.

Your support is reaching refugees and others in need around the world. Thank you for your prayers and your contributions.

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