Yemen: Well-Drilling Project for Clean Water

Monem, a 7-year-old living in Al Masraka, Yemen, makes the mile-long trek through a conflict-ridden area to draw water for his family. The youngest of five children, Monem is starting to show signs of trachoma, a painful and debilitating bacterial disease that has caused his older siblings to go blind. Contaminated water and the absence of latrines contribute to the contraction and spread of diseases like trachoma.

ADRA’s well-drilling project provides safe and clean water for children like Monem.

Monem’s family frequently depends on neighbors’ generosity to get by, but Monem worries about who will bring his family water when he goes blind. Given the unsafe area and travel distance, Monem knows that it will not be easy for his mother to get water for the family.

ADRA’s water system specialists spearheaded construction on a new well in Al Masraka. Just a few minutes away from Monem’s house, the well has a pump and a cistern for storing water. The new well now saves Monem from hours of backbreaking work. The clean water prevents the spread of diseases like trachoma—and while it might be too late for Monem and his siblings, hopefully the well will save other children from unnecessary suffering.

ADRA has installed numerous pumps in rural areas of Yemen. Donations from around the world provide resources for ADRA to drill wells and provide clean water to the areas in need. When children like Monem get sick less frequently and require less time to transport water, they have time to get an education and think about a better future.

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