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By partnering with local communities, organizations, and governments, we are able to deliver culturally-relevant programs and build local capacity for sustainable change. We’d love to share stories of our transformational work with you!

Tom Benton

Tom Benton serves as ADRA’s senior program manager. His primary role is to effectively manage the implementation of community development and emergency relief projects around the globe. Mr. Benton enjoys telling stories about ADRA, interacting with young people, and loves sharing how the agency positively impacts communities.

Topics of Interest: Refugees/Displaced People, Disaster Response, WASH, Experiences in the Middle East and Southeast Asia, Education

Ruben Covarrubias

Ruben Covarrubias serves as ADRA’s capacity development advisor. He is an experienced recruitment officer with a demonstrated history of working in the non-profit and management industries. Mr. Covarrubias enjoys seeing people of all ages lead and advance and wants to help dispel myths and share opportunities about working for a faith-based NGO.

Topics of Interest: Refugees/Displaced People, Disaster Response, WASH, Experiences in the Middle East and Southeast Asia, Education

Sabrina Harmon

Sabrina Harmon is ADRA's technical advisor for education. For the last 20 years, she has served as a teacher, scholar, and education specialist. Since 2013, Ms. Harmon coordinated and managed education programs for ADRA in Africa, Asia, and South America. It was during her service for the international agency where she envisions bringing opportunities that only education can give to God's children around the world.

Topics of Interest:
Quality Education, Women and Girl Education, Literacy and Numeracy

Imad Madanat

Imad Madanat serves as ADRA’s vice president for programs since October 2013. The 14-year veteran of the agency has worked in various roles including as senior program finance and compliance manager and country finance director for ADRA Yemen. Madanat’s wealth of experience includes program expansion into new countries and managing a portfolio of USG and private projects in multiple countries.

Topics of Interest: Refugees/Displaced People, Investing in Building Community Resilience and Livelihoods as a Foundation to Build Community Prosperity and Wellbeing.

Keri Mau

Keri Mau serves as ADRA’s technical assistant for monitoring, evaluation, accountability, and learning, also known as MEAL. As a MEAL technical assistant, Ms. Mau supports the development of the MEAL plan for project proposals, trains and implements project MEAL activities, helps review progress and evaluation reports, and supports the development of various guidelines and tools for the ADRA Network. She is passionate about ADRA and loves sharing about her start in the humanitarian sector.

Topics of Interest: Career Aptitude/Growth/Advancement, Overcoming Obstacles, Nepal, Internship Experiences

Christian Patino

Christian Patiño serves as ADRA’s major gifts officer. He takes on the responsibility for maintaining and increasing substantial donations gifted to ADRA while soliciting and building relationships with high-net- worth donors. Mr. Patiño’s experiences have led him to improve on his ability to deliver quality client service and build authentic and long-term relationships creating win-win outcomes.

Topics of Interest:
Fundraising, Social Ventures, Sustainable Project Development, Global Culture, School-Feeding Projects, Leadership

Fahim Safi

Fahim Safi serves as ADRA’s senior advisor for monitoring, evaluation, accountability, and learning, or MEAL. As a MEAL advisor, Mr. Safi ensures that project teams follow monitoring and evaluation requirements, review project reports, and train and support project teams. Mr. Safi was once a refugee and resettled in the U.S. now working in the humanitarian sector for several years. Through his experience, he hopes to inspire others, who like him came from humble beginnings, to lead a positive lifestyle and make a meaningful difference.

Topics of Interest: Being a Refugee, Migrant Settlement, Overcoming Adversity Motivational

Elizabeth Tomenko

With a background in global health, Elizabeth Tomenko joined the Adventist Development and Relief Agency in 2014 to coordinate ADRA’s Ebola response in West Africa. She has since worked with ADRA’s emergency management team as a program manager connecting regional emergency response teams to funding, training and resources urgently needed to aid disaster-affected communities.

Topics of Interest: Emergency Coordination/Response, Natural and Man-made Disasters, Humanitarian Sector/Trends

Adam Wamack

Adam Wamack manages ADRA’s volunteer program known as “ADRA Connections” since February 2018. He is responsible for engaging churches, schools, and other entities to increase awareness and involvement with ADRA through service-oriented, hands-on international trips. Mr. Wamack is proud to represent the Adventist Church in action and wants as many people as possible who join ADRA Connections feel the impact of doing something good for others.

Topics of Interest:
Volunteering, Service Leadership, Travel Tips and Travel Experiences

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