Oct 06

ADRA Responding in Puerto Rico

ADRA is providing disaster response in Puerto Rico following the devastation left by Hurricane Maria. ADRA Puerto Rico was in action immediately after Hurricane Irma, and then again after Maria. Together with the local Seventh-day Adventist Church community, they have been helping to clear debris from roads and property, as well as providing as much …

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Sep 29

Samira’s Story

Samira and her grandson recently arrived in Bangladesh from the Rakhine state in Myanmar. Her four daughters were killed┬áby militants with machetes,┬áleaving her to flee with the young baby to save both of their lives. They are two of the more than 436,000 Rohingya who have fled to Bangladesh in just over a month. More …

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Sep 28

ADRA Distributing Food on Tortola after Hurricanes

Thanks to your generosity, ADRA distributed food to hundreds of people on the island of Tortola following Hurricanes Irma and Maria. With YOUR financial help and the support of church volunteers, ADRA has completed the first distribution of food parcels to over 500 families on the Island of Tortola. Because of your generous gift, ADRA …

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Sep 26

No Turning Back: Janet’s Story

Nineteen-year-old Janet is the third of nine children born to peasant farmers in Kenya. Since she was seven years old, Janet dreamed of going to school so she could become a productive member of her community. She asked her parents to let her enroll, even though none of her other siblings attended school. However, when …

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Sep 22

ADRA Responding in Puerto Rico and other Major Disaster Locations

ADRA’s emergency response team is currently responding to multiple major emergencies around the world, including Hurricanes Irma and Maria in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, back to back earthquakes in Mexico, devastating floods in Nepal, and the Rohingya refugee crisis in Bangladesh. The following links will take you the latest information on each crisis. These …

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