Jan 13

Masina’s Story

The hilltop village of Mahasoabe is a place of vibrant beauty: the grass is green from recent rains, flowers of red, yellow, and purple dot the landscape, and clothes of all colors hang out to dry. It is fitting that ASOTRY has brought to this community Tsikonina, a maternal and child health and nutrition program …

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Nov 08

Zana’s Story

Zana is an 87-year-old grandmother. She lives in the dry, southern, grasslands of Madagascar. There hasn’t been consistent rain to water her small village’s crops in over two years. “Our crops have slowly gotten worse over time.” Zana explains. “If I had enough crops, I would have sold them to pay for clothes and soap.” …

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Sep 30

Chepsanak’s Story

Chepsanak’s eyes are empty. And the plates she and her five children hold are empty too. They haven’t eaten in days. Earlier this year, Chepsanak’s husband died from hunger. He was a hardworking father, spending long days making and selling charcoal to put food on the table and keep his children alive. He often went …

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Sep 02

EMERGENCY: Hurricane Dorian Devastates Bahamas

ADRA is on standby to respond to Hurricane Dorian as its devastation is already being felt in the Bahamas. You are a critical member of our emergency response team – please make an urgent donation now. ADRA’s team on the ground called the now Category 4 storm “the worst hurricane we’ve ever experienced.” Entire towns …

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