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Celebrating #earthday

The repercussions of the climate catastrophes are being felt all over the world. Our global humanitarian agency has witnessed firsthand how extreme weather, deforestation, wildfires, and development have resulted in the extinction of billions of trees. As we commemorate ADRA’s 40 years of disaster response, humanitarian relief, and development assistance, we are committed to promoting initiatives such as tree plantings that not only can help improve natural air quality, decrease erosion, and remove pollution but also generate wellness benefits for residents in all communities.”

Programs for a Greener and Resilient Future

Drip-irrigation Systems

Drip irrigation systems are installed by ADRA agricultural technicians in croplands located in mountainous regions of Latin America, where farmers face recurrent droughts.

Water Bottle House in Mauritania

Plastic bottles are collected by young people and recycled to build the framework of a house. Each bottle is filled with sand instead of using bricks or cinder blocks. ADRA Mauritania started this initiative to help protect our environment and to execute an innovative way toward recycling plastic waste.

Drought-resistant Seeds in Kenya

ADRA enables rural populations to swap drought-resistant sorghum seeds for wheat because they require less water to grow and are high in nutritional value.

Planting Fruit Trees in Zimbabwe

ADRA Zimbabwe is planting 40,000 fruit trees this year to mitigate the consequences of climate change and improve community health. Fruit trees have been specifically chosen for this effort because they are less likely to be chopped down for firewood and they provide a source of food to the communities impacted by food insecurity.

Mobile Nurses in Honduras

ADRA mobile nurses visit rural communities in Honduras to assess children's height and supply them with nourishing meals in an effort to prevent malnutrition and stunting caused by a lack of food due to climate change.

Reforestation in Madagascar

In Madagascar, rice fields and other crops are impacted by the erosion of the soil, and families are not able to grow food. Through partnership with USAID, ADRA and the community began reforestation to conserve the natural resources and minimize food insecurity. The process of planting trees on the land would protect the soil from erosion and help it retain water. However, the right trees—acacia trees—had to be planted to reforest the region as they retain the water under the ground instead of drying out the soil. ADRA provided seedlings, equipment, and supplies to increase tree planting across the communities.

Warm Homes in Peru

ADRA Peru helps local communities living in the cold climate of the Andes Mountains with life-saving warmth and resources. The homes are built with trombe wall to absorb thermal energy and raise the temperature by 10C. Wood floors, ceilings, and doors are added to prevent heat from escaping and to improve hygiene. Electricity is powered by solar panels to provide light for adults to work from home and children to study their schoolwork to further their education.

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