Elementary School Walkathon Raises $18,500 for Ukraine

The students of Captain Gilmer Christian School in Fletcher, North Carolina held a school-wide walkathon in March and raised $18,500 for those affected by the Ukrainian humanitarian crisis.  The crisis hit close to home for many of the school’s students. “Ten percent of our student body has either Ukrainian or Russian family members,” said the […]

Churches, Schools, and Groups Show Support for Ukraine and ADRA

The ADRA family has been overwhelmed with prayers, donations, and other support from our community of supporters across the country and around the world! We are so grateful because the power of your prayers is very real, and monetary support is vital in a crisis like this when flexibility is required and urgent action is […]

A Mother’s Decision to Flee

ADRA is blessed to meet amazing mothers in our work every day. These are the kind of mothers who would do anything, give up everything, and go anywhere for their children. Mothers like Masha and Glendys.  These two women have lived vastly different lives, but they are united by the lengths they have gone for […]