A Supporter’s Words: Joseph Rollakanty

ADRA supporter Joseph Rollakanty shared a generous gift to support those in India who were recently hit by a devastating surge in COVID-19 cases. He then challenged his church to join him in making an impact and they matched his generosity to double the gift! He was kind enough to share his thoughts with us […]

COVID-19 is Changing the World. You Can Help!

We haven’t seen the last of COVID-19 yet, but we are already seeing the scars that it has begun to leave behind. The pandemic turned many of our lives upside down, but how has it changed the world and what does long-term recovery look like for affected communities? 3 Ways COVID-19 is Changing the World […]

Brazil: The Growing Hunger Pandemic

Meet Regaine Millions like Regaine are being affected by a double crisis of COVID-19 and the growing Global Hunger Pandemic.  Brazil is currently one of the countries being hit hardest by the COVID-19 crisis–only the United States and India have recorded more cases and deaths due to the virus. In the shadow of the pandemic, […]

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