Harvey Response Continues as Hurricane Irma’s Path Continues

ADRA is preparing for the imminent arrival of Hurricane Irma across several countries even as the disaster response following Hurricane Harvey continues with partners Adventist Community Services (ACS). ADRA is responding to Hurricane Harvey in partnership with ACS who are leading the emergency response. ACS is actively responding through their southwestern United States regional office, […]

ADRA Responds to Flooding and Landslides in Nepal

The ADRA network is activating an emergency response in the wake of flooding and landslides in Nepal. In response to this widespread destruction, ADRA Nepal has distributed emergency food, shelter resources, and hygiene and femal dignity kits, household items, and bedding to thousands of those affected. ADRA has also been running health camps and providing […]

Niruala’s Story

Beryl Hartmann had just begun an internship with ADRA in Nepal when she encountered a woman who changed the course of her career. Beryl shared with us the story of a teacher and community leader in one of Nepal’s many disadvantaged, rural communities who is empowering people to change their world for generations to come.  […]

Selling Stories

Did you know that right now there are more than 21 million people who are victims of forced labor, including sexual exploitation? One way that the ADRA network is fighting these crimes is with our Keep Girls Safe shelter in Thailand. Watch this episode of ADRA’s docu-series, A Closer Walk, to learn more about human […]