Our Work With Refugees in Asia

MYANMAR For decades, Myanmar has experienced ongoing conflict in various states throughout the country. ADRA Myanmar has several projects benefitting internally displaced persons (IDPs). The projects have two key focus areas: Assisting children displaced by conflict through improving education standards and learning environments IDPs living in camps through providing health services/facilities, hygiene promotion training, support […]

Helping Refugees in the Americas

ARGENTINA 2016 was a record-breaking year for Argentina in terms of asylum applications. The UNHCR estimates that there are approximately 5,000 refugees and asylum seekers in Argentina from over 100 nationalities. Over 90% live in Buenos Aires, Argentina´s capital and largest city. Although the country is a regional leader on refugee protection, significant challenges remain, […]

Impacting the Lives of Refugees in Africa

CAMEROON ADRA Cameroon are active in Minawao camp, which houses Nigerian refugees displaced by Boko Haram. ADRA selected 400 beneficiaries, and distributed to them WASH kits. The kits include soap, towels, and containers to gather and store water. Beneficiaries also attended a two-day sensitization program to learn about best practices for hygiene, maintaining a clean […]

Helping Refugees in the Middle East

IRAQ ADRA Kurdistan is active in camps for internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Kurdistan, Iraq. When many people fled, they could take little or nothing with them. The tents the IDPs live in the camp are cold, and people were in need of winter clothing. Thanks to generous donors, ADRA Kurdistan was able to distribute […]

ADRA Responds to Flooding in Uruguay

Hygiene and disinfecting kits distributed to those affected by flooding in Uruguay. Around the same time that a tornado was causing extensive damage in the country, extensive flooding was also being reported in Uruguay. Rivers and streams rose significantly, leading to the urgent evacuation of close to 3,000 people. Another 7,700 chose to evacuate themselves […]

Highlights from our work with refugees in Europe

AUSTRIA Austria is one of the countries where refugees are seeking asylum (almost 90,000 in 2015). ADRA Austria mobilized and is supporting church members across the country in assisting refugees during the long integration process. At least 10 churches in the country have ongoing refugee projects. One church is renting the empty pastor’s apartment to […]

Shelter Supplies for Households Affected by Tornado in Uruguay

Households hit by April’s tornado in Uruguay have access to shelter supplies thanks to ADRA Uruguay On April 15, a strong tornado hit the city of Dolores in Uruguay and caused serious damage, particularly in the downtown area. The most affected neighborhoods were Altos de Dolores, Santa Marta, Italia Chica, and Florencio. In response to […]

Cyclone Ruano Brings Flooding to Bangladesh

ADRA Bangladesh is responding to flooding caused by Cyclone Ruano. Cyclone Ruano swept onto the Bangladesh coastline on May 21, bringing with it flash floods and heavy damage. In some areas, flood protection embankments are broken, allowing seawater to flood homes and crops that were ready to harvest. At this time, estimates for the loss or […]

ADRA Responds to Flooding in Sri Lanka

ADRA providing response in Sri Lanka following heavy rains and flooding. ADRA Sri Lanka has begun a national emergency management plan (NEMP) response in the country’s Kilinochchi District, providing hygiene kits to 350 affected families, with plans to expand as soon as possible. Nearly half a million people in Sri Lanka have already been affected […]

Vietnam Seeing Effects of El Niño in Drought Conditions

ADRA is providing food emergency food to homes affected by the El Niño-driven drought in Vietnam. The central area of Vietnam has been hit by the most severe drought the region has seen in 100 years. This drought crisis is a direct consequence of the powerful El Niño system that has caused similar emergency conditions […]