Our Work With Refugees in Asia


For decades, Myanmar has experienced ongoing conflict in various states throughout the country. ADRA Myanmar has several projects benefitting internally displaced persons (IDPs). The projects have two key focus areas:

  • Assisting children displaced by conflict through improving education standards and learning environments
  • IDPs living in camps through providing health services/facilities, hygiene promotion training, support and cash for work.

ADRA Myanmar’s CARE project aims to assist teachers by providing education resources and short training sessions for 30 targeted schools. The project aims to help eradicate illiteracy and ensure that all children can have access to an education in post-conflict areas where there are no government schools.



ADRA Thailand has been working with refugees from Myanmar for more than 20 years. Beginning in 2011, ADRA Thailand has implemented a vocational/technical training program for refugees to develop skills, making them more employable and increasing their prospects for obtaining employment when they return to Myanmar. The 10 certified courses offered include sewing, hotel service, cooking, hairdressing, electrics, computing, mechanics and construction. Trainees are also provided with career guidance and life skill training to help prepare them for life outside the refugee camps. Selected graduates were given the opportunity to receive a grant to start a small business. Some also have the opportunity to undertake internships with private businesses in Thailand.

There are almost 450,000 stateless people in Thailand, who have no form of official identity documents. This makes it very difficult to seek employment, pursue further education, and access medical benefits. ADRA Thailand was selected by the UNHCR to partner in a project to work with communities to increase the efficiency of the nationality application system. In partnership with the UNHCR, ADRA Thailand has set up 11 service points to assist people in the application process. They also conduct awareness raising events to inform stateless people about their rights and the process for obtaining Thai nationality.

Your support is reaching refugees and others in need around the world. Thank you for your prayers and your contributions.

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