Serbia: Said’s Personal Testimony and Journey

Said is only 14, but has experienced hardships that no child should face. In Serbia, he shared his family’s story: “Mom and dad told us that we are going to Europe. We did not took anything with us, except of one spare clothe for each of us. They did not tell us how will we […]

Two Responses to Flooding in Brazil

ADRA is responding to flooding in Brazil after intense and prolonged rainfall caused by the El Niño effect. Our response focuses on two Brazilian states that were hit hard by the rainfall. The majority of waterways in Rio Grande do Sul have risen above their capacity, displacing thousands of families in heavily flooded areas. Rivers in Santa […]

European Refugee Crisis: Slovenia and No-Man's Land

A No-Man’s land exists where refugees leaving Croatia must wait before they can enter Slovenia. Sometimes hours turn into overnight, leaving refugees hungry and cold. ADRA Slovenia has set up temporary shelters so refugees can rest, and also prepare food that is available for all. This is the first meal in a long time for many of […]

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