European Refugee Crisis: Slovenia and No-Man's Land

A No-Man’s land exists where refugees leaving Croatia must wait before they can enter Slovenia. Sometimes hours turn into overnight, leaving refugees hungry and cold.

ADRA Slovenia has set up temporary shelters so refugees can rest, and also prepare food that is available for all. This is the first meal in a long time for many of the exhausted families.

Slovenian staff and volunteers are also actively distributing much-needed basic items that have been donated from local residents. Everything from food, clothing, and hygiene items to sleeping bags and tents is collected and then shared with refugees at border entry points before the registration areas.

As well as implementing their own projects, ADRA Slovenia is an active donor office, providing financial support to Greece, Serbia, and Italy at present.

Your urgent support is needed now to reach refugees and others in need. Thank you for your prayers and your contributions.

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