Jordan: Education Mission (BESSC)

Suleiman, a 10-year-old living in Jordan, misses his home in Syria. Forced to flee during the conflict in his country, Suleiman missed a year of school as he and his family made their way to Jordan to start a new life. Suleiman is just one of the thousands of Syrian children whose childhood and education […]

Moldova: Rainbow Children’s Home

When Aloina was 5 years old, ADRA workers found her and her brother living in the garbage in downtown Chisinau, Moldova’s capital. Their home was a cardboard box. With their father dead, their mother—having no interest in them—had abandoned the little children. ADRA’s Rainbow Children’s Home provides a safe haven for abused and neglected children. […]

Zimbabwe: ADRA’s Mission for Education

Ten-year-old Plaxedes was so excited about her new school in Zimbabwe that she went to class early. About three months early. The foundation had only just been laid when she arrived at the site of her future school—one of 10 ADRA classroom blocks being built in the Gokwe North District—and offered to help. Community members […]

Kenya: Girls’ Empowerment Project

Fifteen-year-old Confridah started high school with excitement. She excelled in her studies and had plans to go to a university in the future. Her father had different plans. He had secretly found a husband for his daughter, and keeping with the custom in many parts of Kenya, he was going to have her circumcised. Female […]

Thailand: ADRA’s Mission for Safety Amongst Women

From within her office, 22-year-old Lin sees all the girls who come through the front door of the shelter. Some are just children, cowering in the doorway. Many are on their own, without family to protect them. All are vulnerable to the devastating sex trade that is rampant in Thailand. The office in which Lin […]

Mali: ADRA Helps to Cultivate New Farming Techniques

Saly and Bintu live in Gao, located by the banks of Mali’s Niger River. The river is a precious resource, and many turn to fishing for income and for feeding their families. Saly’s and Bintu’s families aren’t fishermen, so they tried to grow vegetables. “We did not really know what we were doing, and we […]

Rwanda: Goat Farm Pays for Education

Cynthia is not like most 9-year-olds. When she comes home from school, her first priority is not to watch TV or make a snack for herself. She doesn’t start on her homework right away or take an afternoon nap, either. The first thing Cynthia does when she gets home from school is to check on […]

Vietnam: Cow Bank Helps the Blind

For 63 years, Lam felt like a burden. Born blind in the Tay Ninh province, where visually impaired people are considered invalids, Lam struggled with a sense of worth. Then he married and had two children. His family loved and respected him, but he felt like a failure. He was unable to work and to […]

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