World Malaria Day April 25, 2012

World Malaria Day: ADRA is Making a Difference SILVER SPRING, Md. – April 25 marks World Malaria Day, a day set aside to commemorate worldwide efforts to control this preventable yet deadly disease. The Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) is continuing its work to reduce the numbers of people infected and killed by malaria […]

Giving Hope in Ethiopia

Ethiopia: ADRA Restores Hope to Hopeless Village Article Reprint – Hannah Ndungu works as the Emergency Management Coordinator for the ADRA Africa Regional Office. In this article, Ndungu shares an experience of how ADRA’s work restored hope to one Ethiopian village. SILVER SPRING, Md. – In Kelafo Woreda-Somali Region of Ethiopia, lies a small village […]

Helping Girls in Thailand

Thailand: ADRA Transforms the Lives of Young Girls SILVER SPRING, Md. – In Thailand, the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) is working to rescue girls from forced prostitution in the sex slave trade. The Agency has opened a shelter that houses at-risk girls from poor families, providing them with nutritious food, education, and most […]

Earth Day April 22, 2012

Earth Day: ADRA Celebrates Commitment to Maintain a Healthy World SILVER SPRING, Md. – April 22 will mark Earth Day 2012, a day set aside each year to remind us of our responsibility to protect the rich resources available on our planet that sustain the lives of the world’s estimated 7 billion inhabitants. The Adventist […]

Community Health in Mongolia

Mongolia: ADRA Improves Access to Education and Health Services for Children with Disabilities SILVER SPRING, Md. – In Mongolia the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) is helping society transform the way they view children with disabilities, and give them access to education and health services. This is being achieved through a project called, Ensuring […]

Drought and Famine in Horn of Africa

Somalia: ADRA Calls on International Community for Continued Support in Wake of Uncertain Future SILVER SPRING, Md. – The Horn of Africa is no stranger to drought, which was most recently demonstrated in 2011 as the region grappled through a deadly famine, and according to the World Food Program affected 13 million people to date. […]