Weekly Hope: The “Share Hope” Project

Dear ADRA Family,

When the COVID-19 crisis hit Natal, Brazil, Regiane was laid off. As a domestic worker, her services were no longer needed: millions of people were sheltering in place and cutting back expenses, and her job was lost in the transition.

The days passed and Regiane grew desperate. As the sole provider for a family of four, she felt like she was letting her dependents down. During this unprecedented pandemic, there was nothing she could do, but she still felt responsible for the care and wellbeing of her family. The days continues to pass, and she and her family grew hungry.

Because of you, ADRA continues to expand our COVID-19 response for the most vulnerable around the world, including those in Natal. Recently, Regiane was selected by “Share Hope”, a project that ADRA implements in Brazil, to receive food assistance for three months.

Today, Regiane has what she needs to get through the worst of this pandemic. Thanks to you, she and her family are no longer worried about their next meal. They know there is plenty of food in the pantry.

“With the money in this card I am going to buy rice, beans, oil and food in general. It is just what we need right now,” she said, clutching the card from ADRA. “Then I will keep [the card] as a memory of the help that came when I needed it the most.”

For Regiane and her family, the card ADRA gave her represents much more than the possibility of bringing food home. That card represents the hope that was reborn in her heart when she thought there would be no other solution.

Thanks to you and our ever-expanding response to this COVID-19 crisis, ADRA ensures that Regiane, and thousands more like her, no longer fear starvation.

During this unpredictable pandemic era, we need to continue to support the most vulnerable among us. Now more than ever, we must come together to ensure all may live as God intended. Please continue to support ADRA, as God continues to bless our work and your generosity.

May God bless you all.

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