Warm Home Project

Help us build homes for people

ADRA Peru is helping indigenous communities who are battling with limited resources and harsh environments by providing transformative resources and sustainable solutions.

Through collaborative efforts with local leaders, you can help us build homes for people

Did You Know?

Why Communities Need Your Help

Negative impact on health

The freezing temperatures bring rain, snow, and winds that negatively impact people’s health. Their dung-burning fires are open and pour smoke into the homes, creating chronic respiratory issues. They do not have access to clean bathrooms, warm showers, and running water.

Livelihoods are at risk

Wool from South American alpacas is used to sew and sell artisanal goods as their main economic source, but thousands of deaths are reported due to extreme cold and food shortages. 

Tools needed for education

Children need electricity to have light to do homework, and warmth in their homes to focus on their studies. Without these resources, their education suffers. 

Homes are not sustainable

Their original homes are mostly made of stones with tin roofs that are open to environmental elements and don’t maintain the homes warm.

How ADRA is Helping

For ADRA, a warm house isn’t just a warm shelter from the cold. It’s a symbol of hope, safety, and a chance for a better life.

See a Warm Home up close and personal in our video, and help us build warm homes for people. 

Help Build a Warm Home in Peru!

Volunteer with ADRA Connections to serve in the Andes Mountains
and make a sustainable difference with your school, church, or community.

6 Steps to Build a Warm Home

1. Work with the community 

Use the family’s initial home structure that is built with handmade adobe bricks and a thatched roof

2. Provide electricity via solar panels

Solar panels with 3 light bulbs provide light for work and schoolwork

3. Build an eco stove with a chimney

Maintains heat, prevents accumulation of smoke residue from covering walls, and improves the family’s respiratory health

4. Enclose home interior

Install wood floors, airtight ceiling, and double doors to prevent heat from escaping, and improve hygiene

5. Install solar wall

It absorbs heat from the sun and transmits it into the home to raise the temperatures by 10°C

6. Build bathroom buildings 

Install toilet, sink, and warm water shower to improve personal hygiene and waste management to reduce chronic diarrhea issues

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