Special Prayer of Hope

The world is in turmoil. At ADRA, unfortunately, we see this every day. Disasters, explosions, refugee crises, violence and war are happening all around us. To add to the pain, the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted so many families—including you, I’m sure—in ways we could have never imagined.

Today, as an ADRA family, I invite you to pause for a moment—right now, wherever you may be reading this message—and join thousands of other ADRA supporters in a special prayer for all the children and families who are facing trying times and who are struggling to find peace and hope again.

The Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father,
We surrender to you all the hurt and pain that this world is experiencing right now. We surrender it all to you, because only through you can we experience your healing peace.

In Isaiah 41:10, you have promised that you will be with us, that we can cast aside our fears and anxiety, because you are our God. We believe you when you say that you will strengthen us and help us. We need you more than ever.
Lord, as you give us strength, we also pray today that you will transform us into agents of justice, compassion, and love so that you can shine through us in a world that is hurting. We pray that through each of us, others can feel your comfort, and find hope in you when all hope may seem lost. We humbly ask that you use us, Lord, as your instrument so we may serve all humanity and be your hands and feet to a world in need.
Thank you for never leaving our side. We put all our trust in you, because only in you can we find hope and peace in these uncertain times.

In your holy name we pray, Amen.

Thank you for joining me in prayer today. May we continue to keep all those affected by recent disasters in our thoughts. 


With heartfelt thanks,

Michael Kruger

President, ADRA

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