Shelter, Vouchers, and Weet-Bix in Fiji as Winston Recovery Continues

The recovery from last year’s Tropical Cyclone Winston is continuing in Fiji as ADRA supplies shelter kits, food vouchers, cash, and Weet-Bix cereal to communities still suffering the effects of the massive storm.

Food vouchers and cash were supplied in partnership with World Food Programme and actually do double the good work. First, families are able to choose the foods and other resources that are most appropriate for their household needs. And second, because the recipients are spending the vouchers and cash in the local marketplace, it helps revitalize the economy.

Despite the heavy toll on communities hit by the storm and damaged to school buildings, parents have continued to send their children to school, where a school breakfast program provides the most nutritious meal many of these children have access to on a daily basis. Weet-Bix, a cereal produced by Sanitarium Health and Wellbeing, a Seventh-day Adventist Church-owned health food company in Australia, was donated by New Zealand and distributed as part of the school feeding program.

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